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Great Topic for My 1st Post: Sesame Street’s “I Love My Hair” Video

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“I Love My Hair”:  Sesame Street created a cute video to discuss a serious problem.

ABC News’ Linsey Davis and Jessica Hopper placed a widely discussed topic in the African-American community into the forefront of the country earlier this week.  They highlighted a new Sesame Street video, “I Love My Hair.”  Click here for the story aired on ABC’s World News Tonight. 

The video showcases a little brown-skinned muppet singing about her love for her hair, and all the different ways she can wear it.  

A producer for Sesame Street came up with the song and idea after his adopted daughter, who’s from Africa, complained about wanting straight hair.  The producer, who is white, wanted to show his daughter and others like her that they should love and accept their hair.  Click here for an extended interview from CNN’s American Morning with the Sesame Street producer, Joseph Mazzarino. 

I believe this is a great topic as a father of two beautiful little girls and I’m glad Sesame Street signed off on the project.  But it does raise a bigger issue about diversity and a lack thereof in the media world.  Black girls and women have been shown examples of beauty from their dolls, tv shows, and movies for years.  Those images typically lack any representation of the African-American community, and when they do the women will reflect the majorities standard of beauty:  long, silky, straight hair. 

This character shows a need for more characters on television shows for kids, teens, and adults to represent the multifaceted layers of beauty within the African-American community.  You also need to see it more in front of the television camera on your nightly local, cable, and national newscasts.  So, you need more decision makers to sign off on the idea and more producers and directors to encourage the various looks.

After looking through Sesame Street’s website I see this isn’t their first time to bring out a brown muppet to teach a lesson.  They have Kingston III who talks about individuality.  He sings about fighting the stereotype that he needs to act, dance, or dress a certain way to fit in with others.  Click here to see videos of Kingston III. 

Kudos to Sesame Street. I would just like to see these characters become more constant figures within the episodes.  It would also be great if my little curly-haired princesses could see some more girls and women who look like them on TV, so that they truly understand mommy and daddy aren’t the only ones who think they are beautiful.


Written by professorkcoleman

October 21, 2010 at 12:34 PM